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10 Weirdest Restaurants In The World That You’ll Never Forget

You always heard from people about the amazing restaurants around the world, but do you ever read or heard about bizarre and weirdest restaurants? Yes, we are talking about weird where the food is not served with light music and a wonderful environment.

Imagine what will happen when you take your friends or family to dinner and your meal would be served in pitch-black darkness. It sounds crazy, but there are some crazy restaurants in the world. Have a look:


Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants in the World


1. Modern Toilet

In this restaurant, you can enjoy your food in toilet bowls. The seats are also designed in a way closer to the toilet, even the drinks are served in small plastic urinals. However, the restaurant is actually kept very clean, the only purpose of giving a toilet theme is to shock the customers.


2. Kayabukiya Tavern

In this restaurant, the customers are served by two Japanese Macaque monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan. They both are employees here and even get their wages in the form of soya beans.


3. Robot Restaurant

If you want to go to a place with vibrant and flashy lights, then this robot restaurant in Tokyo is a good option for you.


4. Fortezza Medicea

It is a 500-year-old fortress situated near Pisa in Italy. It is a classy, upscale restaurant with maximum security.

In order to have dinner here you have to book reservations at least a month before and have to go through an intense security check. Inside the restaurant, you would be served by robbers, mafia members and even murderers.


5. The Safe house

This is the only restaurant in the world where a person needs a password for getting entry. If you don’t know the password, then you have to do some embarrassing thing for the guards in order to get in.


6. Ogori Cafe

You place an order at this restaurant, but it is for the person after you. Weird? However, it is true that you will consume the food that the customer before you ordered.


7. Cabbages & Condoms

This crazy restaurant is themed around condoms. Most of the items present here starting from menus to lampshades are made from woven combined condoms.

Even after you depart, a condom is offered in its place of a breath mint. However, the food served in the restaurant is said to be amazing.


8. Kinderkookkafe

This Dutch restaurant is situated in Amsterdam is surprisingly staffed by children. Only a few adults are present for supervising otherwise, all the stuff is handled by children.

Parents leave their children in the morning here and then after work, they come to enjoy what their children have done.


9. Sounds of silence

Being offered dinner in the midst of the desert without a roof is a little frightening. You will be able to see the stars from this restaurant, just as you had always imagined.


10. Heart Attack Grill

The food here is served in a deliberately shocking manner. The environment of the restaurant resembles more to a hospital, where waitresses are dressed like nurses who take orders from their patients.

A tag with the customer’s orders is then put around their wrist. And if your weight is over 350 lbs, you can have a free dinner.

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