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What is a Temporary Tattoo? How to use it

Lots of people want to try out tattoos but don’t want something permanent. Temporary tattoos are great for this! In this blog post, we’ll be providing all the information about what is a temporary tattoo, their types and how they’re used.

Plus, useful tips so you can get the best experience when applying your own body art! If you’ve been looking for an exciting way to customize your style then don’t miss out – read on and learn all about temporary tattoos!


What is a Temporary Tattoo?

A temporary tattoo is a form of body art that typically consists of a design or image applied to the skin with either water transfer, stick-on, henna, or other similar temporary tattoo products.

Unlike permanent makeup, which uses colored ink to mimic eyeliner, lip liner and other makeup items on the face or body, temporary tattoos have no lasting effect but can offer unique ways to decorate the skin temporarily.

Temporary tattoos come in many varieties from stick-on stickers to traditional henna designs; they can usually last for several days yet be quickly removed when desired without any health risks.


Types of Temporary Tattoos

types of temporary tattoo

1. Water transfer tattoos – These are made using a transfer film which is applied on the skin with water, allowing the image to become transferred. These can typically last 4-10 days.

2. Stick-on tattoos – These are adhesive-backed designs that can easily be stuck to the skin as a temporary decorative adornment. These tend to last around 2-5 days.

3. Henna tattoos – It use an ink derived from a henna plant, and can last up to three weeks. It’s important to note that “black henna” tattoos may contain an ingredient called PPD which can cause severe allergic reactions in some people, so it’s best avoided if possible.


Duration & Removal Process

what is a temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos, as the name suggests, are meant to be worn for a short period of time before fading away. Depending on various factors such as skin type and application technique, temporary tattoos typically last around one week before they start cracking or rubbing off.

To ensure best results and longevity, it is important to take good care of the tattoo including frequent moisturizing.

When you’re ready to remove your temporary tattoo regardless of its age, there are steps that need to be taken carefully and gently in order for it not to damage your skin: wetting the back of the tattoo with water then peeling off the paper bit by bit until all parts have been removed.

Once fully removed, an ice pack or cold compress may be applied over inflamed area if needed for quick relief.


How to Use a Temporary Tattoo

how to use temporary tattoo

Following these steps carefully will help ensure maximum longevity of your temporary tattoo!


1. Preparation Before Applying

Before applying a temporary tattoo, it is essential to ensure that the area of skin is clean and dry. It should be thoroughly washed with warm soapy water and patted off but not wiped off.

Shave any hair from the application area for a smooth surface where the design can stick easily and evenly. Exfoliation can also help create an even canvas; use either gentle sugar or salt scrub to buff away dead skin cells before applying the tattoo design.

Ensuring a proper preparation will give better results as well making it last longer – something every tattoo lover looks out for!


2. Application Process 

When applying a temporary tattoo, the second step is to remove the protective transparent foil that covers it. After that, place it face down onto your desired area. Next, using a wet cloth or sponge – hold for a few seconds until all edges are firmly adhered to skin before finally removing paper backing.


3. Tips for Best Results

After removing the paper backing, allow around two minutes for it to dry completely before adding sealer (optional).

To prolong its lifespan further consider applying a thin layer of hairspray or baby oil over it with a soft brush every few days as necessary. It’s also important to avoid areas with excessive hair growth, such as fingers and wrists, which can cause friction and make them less likely of lasting long-term.-.



Temporary tattoos offer a safe and easy way to enjoy the excitement of body art without the permanence of conventional tattooing. They come in many forms, including water transfers, stick-on tattoos, and henna designs, typically lasting from one day up to several weeks.

Also when you are ready to remove it, temporary tattoos can easily be scrubbed off with soap and warm water or can be removed using an adhesive remover solution.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Temporary Tattoo?

A temporary tattoo is a type of body art that uses ink-like pigment on the skin to create designs that look like permanent tattoos without the commitment or pain associated with traditional tattoos.

How long do temporary tattoos last?

Temporary tattoos usually last 1-5 days. It depends where you put it and how much you wash the area.

Are temporary tattoos bad for you?

Nah, temporary tattoos aren't bad for you. They use safe, cosmetic-grade inks approved for skin. Some people with sensitivities may get irritation.

Can you shower with temporary tattoos??

You sure can shower with temporary tats! Just pat dry afterwards. Avoid hard scrubbing where it's placed.

Does getting temporary tattoos hurt??

Getting temporary tattoos doesn't hurt at all. You just wet the design, place it, and remove the paper. Super easy!

Do temporary tattoos use a needle??

Temporary tats don't use needles. The design is on transfer paper. You wet it and place it directly on your skin.

Can temporary tattoos be toxic?

The inks used are non-toxic when used properly. As long as you get temp tats from a trusted source, you should be A-OK!

What is Indian Temporary Tattoo?

Mehndi is a traditional Indian temporary tattoo using natural henna dye. It makes pretty patterns on hands and feet for weddings and festivals. The stain fades over 1-3 weeks.

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