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List of 15 Best Pubs In Port Melbourne City

Whether you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere to visit with friends or seek out the best pubs in port melbourne, it is sure to have something for everyone.

With over 50 top establishments, there is no shortage of venues for exploring the city’s vibrant pub culture. This blog post will highlight the best port melbourne pubs to get your drink on while also enjoying some amazing food and entertainment.


Best Pubs In Port Melbourne on Bay Street

From corner bars pouring craft beer to gastropubs serving Mediterranean eats – get ready because these pubs won’t disappoint!


1. The Local

melpub 1

Situated on Bay Street in prime bayside Port Melbourne, The Local is a favourite among locals and bar lovers seeking out an atmosphere that’s both relaxed and friendly. Offering classic pub favourites like steak & chips, succulent ribs, sharing boards and more alongside an extensive drinks list of beers on tap plus craft beer selection with locally sourced cocktails, ciders and wines – there’s something for everyone at The Local.

This fantastic venue also boasts regular live music to provide the perfect accompaniment to your meal or celebratory drinks! With delicious food options made from fresh local produce together with great atmosphere – it’s no wonder why The Local is considered one of the best pubs in Port Melbourne.


2. The Clare Castle

melpub 3

The Clare Castle is a top choice pub for bar lovers in Port Melbourne, located at 354 Graham St. This vibrant establishment offers a range of seafood options including Moreton Bay Bugs and its great outdoor area captures the evening sun perfectly – making it ideal to enjoy the summer vibes.

With an atmosphere that has been described as fresh and new, The Clare Castle offers customers various ways to spend their night with might be there’s a spacious restaurant complex, bar, wine lounge on offer.

On top of that, customers can browse through the menu available online before they come to get familiar with what’s on offer. It goes without saying that people who have visited this spot usually share positive reviews about the experience so make sure you check it out soon!


3. The Graham Hotel

melpub 4

Located on 97 Graham Street in Port Melbourne, The Graham Hotel has a long-standing history dating back to 1870. Offering opulent dining and spectacular atrium views, it is considered to be one of the best pubs in port melbourne.

Constructed near the Sandridge Lagoon and the Graham Street footbridge in 1872, The Graham Hotel was transformed various times over its lifetime until finally arriving at the stately building we know today.

With luxurious interiors, exceptional craft beer options, and an expansive garden courtyard for socialising all year round – patrons of this grand establishment are guaranteed a timeless experience that won’t soon be forgotten!


4. The Exchange Hotel

melpub 5

The Exchange Hotel is one of the most popular pubs on Bay Street in Port Melbourne. It’s also one of Melbourne’s oldest hotels, with a history that dates back to the mid-1850s. Since its opening it has become well known for offering an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, plus diverse food and drinks options.

Visitors can enjoy classic pub meals at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality or taste. Drink wise, regulars appreciate the range of beers, ciders, spirits and cocktails at special day-time prices – plus happy hours every weekend! With friendly staff perfectly balancing out busy atmospheres on bustling Fridays and Saturdays – it’s not hard to see why folks keep coming back night after night!


5. The Palace Hotel

melpub 6

Located on Bay Street, The Palace Hotel is unmissable when it comes to the best pubs in port melbourne city. It’s a hidden gem that will delight bar lovers with its top-notch drinks and relaxed atmosphere.

This pub has all of your favorites plus wonderful craft brews you may never have tried before. Its menu includes delicious snacks to go along with your tipple – and there’s always something interesting happening at The Palace Hotel from live music nights and comedy showcases to exhibition openings and more.

Whether you’re looking for an evening out with friends or a cozy spot for solo drinks, The Palace Hotel offers up just what you need – making it an absolute must-visit during any night out (or day out!) in Port Melbourne.


6. The Cornerstone

melpub 2

Located in the iconic Crockford Street of Port Melbourne, The Cornerstone is a great spot to socialize with friends and family. This traditional Australian pub was established all the way back in 1860 and has kept its historical charm throughout the years.

It’s also one of many popular spots for Melburnians looking to eat delicious pub food while enjoying live music – not to forget its breathtaking view of the area! Aside from being known for its rich history and cozy vibe, The Cornerstone is well-known for their tasty meals like sizzling steaks, succulent sea foods, signature burgers with fries insides served along cold beers on hot summer days.

So if you’re ever brave enough to venture away from your usual evening hangouts, this classic Aussie landmark at Port Melbourne won’t steer you wrong.


Other Best Pubs In Port Melbourne

best pubs in port melbourne

Apart from Bay Street, there are many areas in Port Melbourne where there are great pubs, so let us now tell you about the other best pubs in port melbourne city.


1. The Railway Club Hotel

melpub 7

Located in Port Melbourne, The Railway Club Hotel is part of the Colonial Leisure Group portfolio. Since it opened its doors more than four decades ago, this popular pub has been a favorite dining destination that draws a busy crowd who come to savor their specialty premium steaks and wide selection of cuisines.

With interesting décor and stylish fittings reflecting traditional values merged with modern sensibilities, customers can enjoy an intimate steakhouse experience at The Railway Club Hotel for lunch or dinner daily.

The staff pride themselves on friendly hospitality while delivering mouth-watering meals made from fresh produce sourced locally. There are also plenty of handcrafted beers to sample as you enjoy your meal alongside sports broadcasts available throughout the weekdays and weekends – creating the ultimate atmosphere for beer lovers!


2. Pier Port Melbourne

melpub 12

Situated along the stunning Port Phillip Bay, Pier Port Melbourne is an alluring pub offering excellent views of the pier and the bay. Whether you’re looking for a casual bite to eat or a full-blown night out in this great port city, there’s something here for bar lovers who seek after traditional seafood pubs with sleek modern twists.

The Marine Terrace Meanwhile sits right at its entrance which offer incredible sunshine through-out the day, giving guests one of Melbourne’s best alfresco dining settings with a stunning backdrop.

The property also houses sophisticated bars populated by locals that indulge in craft beer and cocktails as well as having other pubs such as Fireside Bar, Headlands Lounge Room, Daydreamers & Moonlighters included ensuring diners have multiple diverse options depending on what they feel like doing that evening.


3. Mr. Lawrence at the London

melpub 10

This pub in Port Melbourne is named after T.E. Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, and exudes a unique Middle-Eastern-by-way-of-England vibe. Its bar offers an array of light wines, bright beers, and fresh cocktails that promise to quench any thirst.

While the London Hotel was demolished around it, Mr. Lawrence remained open for business making it one of the best pubs in Port Melbourne today! If you’re in the area looking for amazing drinks and great atmosphere then be sure to pay them a visit.


4. The Hack

melpub 9

The Hack is a popular weekend destination in Port Melbourne, offering an exciting selection of drinks and food options. This iconic pub has undergone multiple transformations since its establishment and is now home to an upscale function venue with 15 beers on tap.

Not only that, patrons can also enjoy its own craft brews along with American-style barbecue dishes. The Hack’s lively ambience is perfect for socializing and happy hours alike. It has come to be known as the go-to spot for bar lovers, providing them a unique experience – one far from your classic pubs – all around Port Melbourne departures!


5. Prince Alfred Hotel

melpub 11

The Prince Alfred Hotel is considered one of the best pubs in Port Melbourne and renowned for its classic rock’n roll atmosphere. This iconic pub on Bay Street, features an extensive list of craft beers on tap, as well as delicious food and a pool table.

Since it’s establishment in 1864, the Prince Alfred Hotel has gained a reputation for being highly hospitable with lots of live music acts to keep patrons entertained. It regularly tops lists when naming great spots for beer lovers to visit and that makes it perfect place to check out during your pub crawl around town.

From veteran drinkers to brand new guests, everyone can appreciate the welcoming vibe and variety this pub provides – which is why locals continuously name it one of their top-recommended establishments when searching for an excellent night out!


6. Clooney Kitchen and Bar

melpub 8

It is a revered neighborhood cocktail bar in Port Melbourne that offers sophisticated drinks and attentive service. The snug fit-out creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making this one of the top haunts for Bar lovers in town.

Clooney Kitchen and Bar stands out for its old-school charm—a special combination of vintage vibes along with an upmarket collection of carefully crafted cocktails, which has become the key to their success.

Visitors often remark on how quickly they feel at home while enjoying delectable delights from their long list: think delicious European beers as well as signature libations like ‘the Hungerford’, served alongside fine wine that’ll take you right back.


7. Hardimans Hotel

melpub 13

Located just 4km from Melbourne’s CBD is Hardimans Hotel, a family-friendly pub featuring a wide selection of craft beers and rotating tap list. Perfect for any bar lover or social gathering, this pub offers great midweek deals on classic pub fare as well as woodfired pizzas.

Upstairs, it has private function spaces complete with its own bar and balcony – perfect for intimate occasions! Though opinions may vary, Hardimans Hotel has received a somewhat mixed rating 3.5 out 5 on Tripadvisor.

Nevertheless, the hotel stands in association with popular Port Melbourne pubs including The Railway Club Hotel, The Exchange Hotel, The Clare Castle ,The Graham Hotel ,Mr Lawrence at the London and Pier Port Melbourne.


8. Pirate’s Tavern

melpub 14

The Pirate’s Tavern located in Port Melbourne is described as an “awesome” destination for bar lovers. Not always open and a bit tricky to find, it is definitely worth the effort according to previous visitors who have experienced its exceptional service and great range of beers.

Able to accommodate group events upon request with plenty of cozy nooks for drinks after work or dinner out, this pub has established itself as one of the best pubs in port melbourne; perfect for embarking on a Pub Crawl around Port Melbourne and discovering other top bars in the neighbourhood.

Whether looking for casual meals, craft beers or just sharing stories with friends- The Pirate’s Tavern offers all these experiences at an enjoyable price point!


9. Bay & Bridge Hotel

melpub 15

Located on Bay Street in Port Melbourne, the Bay & Bridge Hotel is widely recognized as one of the best pubs in this part of Victoria. The local landmark has well over 12 unbiased reviews on TripAdvisor with an average rating 4 out of 5 and it ranks #1969 out of 4414 restaurants in Melbourne.

This famous pub proudly boasts a great selection of beers, wines, and spirits along with some tasty meals from their kitchen menu – something for everyone to enjoy! Customers visiting will find a lively atmosphere filled with people chatting away or having a good time at one of the fun events hosted regularly by staff members.



Port Melbourne is home to some of the best pubs and bars in Melbourne. There are a wide range of options for those looking for a great night out or just somewhere to relax with friends.

Starting with top picks from locals such as The Local, The Cornerstone, The Clare Castle, and The Graham Hotel – there are many great places to visit in Port Melbourne whether you’re after sports pubs, live music venues or craft beer bars.

Furthermore recommendations of best pubs in port melbourne is like Mr Lawrence at the London, Clooney Kitchen & Bar and Hardimans Hotel etc! With so much variety across Bay Street it’s well worth exploring what this area has to offer pub-goers looking for the perfect evening out.

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