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15 Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Of The Year

Are you looking for a refreshing drink that won’t leave you feeling groggy or hungover? Well than Non-alcoholic cocktails (Mocktails) are the perfect solution for you. These drinks are not only flavourful and delicious but also suitable for all ages and occasions.

In this article, we’ll tell you the 15 most popular non-alcoholic cocktails that guaranteed to impress your taste buds. So whether you’re at a bar with friends or attending a social gathering, these drinks provide you an inclusive drinking experience and that’s too without the effects of alcohol.


15 Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

There are so many mocktails available in the market out of those only some are popular. Here is the list of 15 of the tastiest non-alcoholic cocktails that will liven up any party.


1. Virgin Pina Colada

Mocktail - Virgin Pina Colada

The Virgin Piña Colada is a popular and refreshing non-alcoholic alternative to the classic cocktail that originated in Puerto Rico. It is made with coconut milk, pineapple juice, and honey or sweetener as opposed to the traditional version which includes white rum.

The drink can be enjoyed on the rocks or blended with ice for a chilled experience. It has a creamy, smooth sensation flavored by coconut and pineapple, making it perfect for hot summer days.

This tropical cocktail is lower in calories than alcoholic versions while still providing flavor alike due to its combination of ingredients like cream of coconut – this makes it ideal for those looking for healthier alternatives when wanting to enjoy cocktails without alcohol.


2. Cranberry Spritz

Mocktail - Cranberry Spritz

The Cranberry Spritz is a light and refreshing drink with a fizzy texture, combining vibrant blackberries, a hint of smoky spice and tangy lime juice to create something that’s tart yet slightly sweet.

This member of the 15 most popular non-alcoholic cocktails in 2023 has the bright flavor of cranberry, sweet orange slices and zesty lemon slices making it an instant favorite for many mocktail lovers.

A homemade cranberry syrup adds depth while fresh lime juice creates balance – resulting in an overall delightful experience that you can get without reaching for alcohol. The Cranberry Spritz gives you all the feels (and then some) of what celebratory drinks should bring but minus any undesirable effects!


3. Faux Fizz

Mocktail - Faux Fizz

A sparkling and sophisticated alternative to traditional cocktails, Faux Fizz is a popular non-alcoholic beverage for mocktail lovers. This zesty drink combines tangy lime juice, grapefruit soda, and a hint of Grenadine for a harmonious flavor that isn’t overly sweet but still tantalizingly delicious.

As most ingredients are readily available in your local grocery stores or from online marketplaces this simple recipe comes together quickly with minimal effort; making it an attractive choice for novice bartenders too.

Popularized as part of the trend towards substituting alcoholic beverages with more creative non-alcoholic options, Faux Fizz offers those looking to limit their intake a way to indulge without compromising on taste or style.


4. Virgin Mojito

Mocktail - Virgin Mojito

The Virgin Mojito is the perfect drink to cool down on a hot summer day. This refreshing mocktail is both alcoholic and non-alcoholic friendly, and captures the essence of the classic Cuban drink with its stimulating allure.

The Virgin Mojito can be made individual servings or as a pitcher recipe for larger gatherings; either way it’s sure to bring delight in every sip! This popular non-alcoholic cocktail consists of lime juice, mint leaves, simple syrup, sparkling water or soda that results in a sweet and citrusy concoction.

With just 4 key ingredients (Lime juice, Mint Leaves, Simple Syrup & Sparkling Water/ Soda) you can easily make this mocktail. After this you can also garnish it by adding your favorite seasonal fruits like orange slices or strawberries into your drink after all it’s about having fun while making mocktails!


5. Apple & Rhubarb Cooler

Mocktail - Apple & Rhubarb Cooler

This complex yet light drink is sure to make a splash at your next gathering – no alcohol required! The combination of tart rhubarb and sweet apple brings out the refreshingly unique flavour of this beverage.

A little rosemary garnish adds an elegant touch that’s sure to take any mocktail presentation up a notch. Perfect for hot summer days, this delightful drink makes it one step easier to enjoy sophisticated cocktails without indulging in alcohol consumption.


6. Passionfruit & Elderflower Spritz

Passionfruit & Elderflower Spritz

The Passionfruit & Elderflower Spritz is a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail that packs a delicious punch! This popular mocktail has delightful notes of orange, elderflower, and passionfruit which creates an uplifting fruity flavor with tart undertones.

This bright and citrusy beverage balances sweetness from juice or syrup with fresh fruit muddled in each glass making it incredibly easy to enjoy in every situation. Whether you’re serving up cocktails during your holiday celebrations or simply need something festive if you’re out and about, this recipe fits the demand.


7. Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur

Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur

Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur is the perfect choice for celebrating with friends and family without having to worry about the effects of alcohol. This unique liqueur features a mixture of cream, whiskey, and flavorings that create a complex taste experience in every sip.

It has an ABV level ranging from 15 to 20%. While it may not have been traditionally used as an Irish product, its popularity has grown immensely over time. As such, Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur can be enjoyed on its own or incorporated into delicious recipes like cocktails, mixed drinks or even baking desserts.

Especially taking off due to increasing demand for non-alcoholic options with just as much sophistication and enjoyment factor as alcoholic ones. Whether sipped solo or shaken up in a creative recipe – you can enjoy this rich and creamy beverage knowing that you don’t need to worry about any effects of alcohol.


8. Virgin Margarita

Virgin Margarita

Craving a fun drink but skipping the alcohol? A homemade “virgin” margarita really hits the spot. This is a mocktail that won’t leave you feeling like you missed out on the real thing.

To make margarita you don’t need any fancy mixers, just squeeze some fresh lime and orange juice. Sweeten it up a tad with a splash of agave or simple syrup. Shake it hard with ice to get it frothy and icy cold. Rim your glass with salt or sugar to balance the tangy citrus.

Garnish your masterpiece with a juicy lime wedge. Sit back and enjoy! The zesty, fizzy flavors of this drink will take you to a sunny Mexican beach.


9. Non-Alcoholic Negroni

Non-Alcoholic Negroni

This special drink has so many names. Some people call it ”Virgin Negroni” while other says “No-groni”. It is actually a version of the classic Negroni cocktail.

The classic Negroni is a popular Italian cocktail made of gin, vermouth, and Campari liquor. A non-alcoholic Negroni lets you enjoy the same flavors minus the booze.

To whip up a virgin version, use non-alcoholic gin and vermouth, plus real Campari for bitterness. Mix together over ice and garnish with an orange peel. You’ll taste complex herbal and citrusy notes, but without the alcoholic kick.


10. Clementine Mock Mojito

Clementine Mock Mojito

This non-alcoholic cocktail is a perfect combination of fresh and fruity flavors. Created with clementine, orange blossom water, and sparkling water it is both refreshing and tasty! As well as being incredibly delicious ,this mocktail also provides the perfect party beverage without alcohol or sugar.

With its citrusy tang from the clementines, mellow sweetness from the orange blossom water, this drink has balanced taste that will satisfy even the pickiest drinkers. It’s easy to make so anyone can enjoy it on a night out or special occasion where indulging in an alcoholic drink may not be an option.

Plus you have to try it if just for its bright colour alone!


11. Appletini Mocktail

Appletini Mocktail

The appletini mocktail is a non-alcoholic version of the classic apple martini cocktail that combines deliciously sweet and tangy flavours into one tasty drink. This refreshing beverage is made with a vodka base, but without the addition of alcohol, making it suitable for those who are avoiding alcohol or who prefer to stay sober.

It’s easy to make with just a few simple ingredients like lemon juice, simple syrup, non-alcoholic sour apple martini mixer and ice cubes – all combined in shaker before being served in an attractive glass rimmed with sugar or cinnamon if desired!

The appletini mocktail can be garnished in various ways; by topping it off with a slice of fresh apple or adding some cherries as an extra treat. Not only does it taste great but its vibrant green hue makes it look beautiful too!


12. Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine is a festive and flavorful alternative to traditional mulled wine, perfect for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. The recipe usually includes various mulling spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, to create a rich and aromatic flavor.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine can be made with alcohol-free red wine which provides similar taste and texture to regular mulled wine. It is often served during wintertime for its comforting warming effect or enjoyed at any time of the year thanks to its versatility.

Furthermore, it is increasingly popular as more people opt into healthier alternatives such as craft mocktails or alcohol free wines without compromising on the celebratory drinking experience – minus all the negative effects of alcohol intake.


13. Summer Cup

Summer Cup mocktail

When the weather heats up, cool down with a refreshing Summer cup! This fruity mocktail captures the essence of summer in a glass. Summer cup is all about mixing the bright, sunny flavors of the season into one drink.

The main ingredients are typically some combination of lemon, orange and berry juices or syrups, blended with ginger ale or ginger beer and loads of fresh fruit garnish.

To make your own summer cup, play with blending lemonade, orange juice, strawberry syrup and ginger beer. Top with sliced strawberries, cucumber and mint. You can also garnish with whatever fresh fruits and herbs you have on hand.

The flavor combos are endless! With its bright medley of garden flavors, summer cup perfectly captures the essence of the season in refreshingly booze-free style.


14. Virgin Cosmopolitan

Virgin Cosmopolitan

The ever-popular Virgin Cosmopolitan is non-alcoholic cocktail that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Perfect for special occasions, pregnant individuals, and those who don’t want to indulge in the alcoholic version can enjoy a drink that tastes just as good.

A unique recipe incorporates gin alternative for some herbal notes along with juices of cranberry, orange liqueur, and lime giving it a balance of tart and sweet. The traditional way to make this delicious mocktail is by chilling a martini glass or coupe first and shaking up all the ingredients in a shaker; however modern twists like Hibiscus Cosmopolitan Mocktail are also available in bars and restaurants.

Nonalcoholic bars offer more than just sugary virgin drinks utilizing interesting ingredients such as shiso providing classic flavors or completely new mix of flavors depending on your liking [add relevant facts from above].


15. Pineapple & Ginger Punch

Pineapple & Ginger Punch mocktail

This delightful mocktail combines the sweet and tart flavors of pineapple juice with a spicy kick from ginger beer, creating an invigorating drink perfect for any occasion. It’s fizzy base is made by combining pineapple juice, orange juice, white sugar, lime juice and ginger beer in a shaker or pitcher.

This blend provides a unique flavor profile filled with sweetness and spice. The addition of fresh ginger enhances the cocktail’s refreshingly tangy character while adding to its distinctive taste.

To garnish your Pineapple & Ginger Punch , simply add some citrus fruits like limes or oranges to give it that extra zing. Popular among adults and children alike, this tasty concoction can be served at parties in place of alcoholic drinks for all ages to enjoy without worry for anyone overindulging!



Non-alcoholic drinks can be used in many sober occasions as well as perfect for parties without the hangover afterwards! Why not try out Citrus Slush? A fun & refreshing recipe perfect for summer barbecues or gatherings soon!

With so many delicious options available now you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds perfectly – why not challenge yourself by trying all 15 most popular non alcoholic cocktails today?.

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