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Easy Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

If you are in the United States and have a cat, there is a fifty percent chance it is overweight. While you may think your feline friend is simply big-boned or, perhaps, chubby, your cat’s added pounds could be jeopardizing its health.

Although the typical cat should weigh between eight and 10 pounds, some breeds, including Persian, Siamese and Maine Coon, can weight more and still be healthy. However, if your cat is 20 percent above the average weight for their breed, they are considered obese and may face serious side effects.

According to internet sources, obese cats are at risk of diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung disease, high blood pressure, compromised immune function, and certain types of cancer.

To ensure your cat maintains a healthy weight, follow the tips below.


1. Visit Your Veterinarian

Take your cat to the doctor for a checkup and find out if he or she is overweight. From there, your vet will be able to determine how much weight loss is needed and give you advice on how many calories your cat should be eating daily.


2. Choose The Right Food

This is also something your vet can help you with.

During weight loss, it is important that your cat continue to be healthy and eat regularly. Otherwise, they could face even more dangerous side effects.


3. Educate Yourself About Cat Treats

While you may think treats would be out of the question during weight loss, they don’t have to be. Simply find out how many calories each contains and be sure not to exceed your cat’s daily amount.


4. Exercise

To put your cat on the fast track to weight loss, give it something to do. Whether it be a laser or a mouse toy on a stick, get your cat moving for a minimum of 20 minutes per day.


5. Weigh Your Cat

First weight you cat in the beginning and then stay up on your fat’s weight loss progress by weighing it daily.

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