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Top 10 Global Dog Friendly Travel Destinations

Traveling with your furry canine companion can be an amazing adventure. But it’s important to find dog friendly travel destinations, with amenities and attractions that cater to both you and your pup. So when planning your next getaway, be sure to consider these 10 exceptionally dog-welcoming locales around the world.

From Europe to North America and beyond, these cities go above and beyond to roll out the red carpet for dogs and their humans.


10 Best Dog Friendly Travel Destinations

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

dog friendly destinations

Amsterdam’s scenic canals, colorful narrow houses, and laid-back vibe make it a delightful place to visit with your dog. Stroll along the canal walks, relax at a coffee shop patio, or let your dog frolic in the massive Vondel park.

Go together along the city’s extensive bike path network, or take a dog-friendly canal cruise. Many restaurants and shops display a ‘honden toegestaan’ sticker indicating dogs are welcome inside.

Visit the pet-friendly Micropia museum to see microscopic creatures. With off-leash areas and an accepting attitude, Amsterdam is blissfully dog-friendly.


2. Edinburgh, Scotland

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No need to leave your pup behind to explore Edinburgh’s winding medieval streets and lively cultural attractions. This very walkable city has lots of outdoor dining options for dogs too.

Edinburgh’s miles of trails, hills, beaches, and meadows offer plenty of space to roam and play. Tour Edinburgh Castle then reward your dog with organic treats from a bakery.

Stay at the dog-focused Kildonan Lodge Hotel near Holyrood Park for direct trail access. Edinburgh locals love and welcome dogs, making it an ideal destination.


3. Rome, Italy

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From soaking up millennia of history to savoring slow-dined Italian feasts, Rome delivers an unforgettable getaway. Experience it to the fullest with your constant companion by your side.

Fountains provide fresh water for pause-and-hydrate breaks when exploring famous sites like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Dine al fresco while your pup snoozes under your table.

Vatican City is the only place limiting access, as it doesn’t allow pets. But the rest of Rome rolls out a relaxed Italian welcome.


4. Vienna, Austria

dog friendly countries to visit

Known as one of Europe’s most dog-friendly capitals, Vienna welcomes pups with open arms. Leashed dogs can accompany you on walking tours, river cruises, and the underground metro.

Stroll through the palatial Schönbrunn Palace grounds or take a break in one of Vienna’s cozy coffee houses with outdoor seating and dog bowls.

Many restaurants and museums allow dogs, and green spaces provide plenty of exercise. Stay at the luxurious Hotel Stefanie near the Vienna Prater amusement park and enjoy special dog amenities.


5. Paris, France


Paris may be renowned for romance and high fashion, but the City of Light has plenty to offer traveling duos of the two- and four-legged variety. Dogs are welcome on the metro, in taxis, and at all national museums and monuments.

Stroll together through scenic parks, sit at pet-friendly cafes, or stay at a hotel that caters to canines with special beds, bowls, and toys.

Don’t miss the other dogs out and about at the city’s lively outdoor markets. With delicious doggie bakeries and chic pet boutiques, Paris has perfected pooch-pampering.


6. Berlin, Germany

dog friendly travel destinations

Berlin has a reputation as one of Europe’s top pet-loving destinations. Dogs can ride city trains and buses for free and enter stores, museums, and beer gardens.

Meander through hip, dog-friendly neighborhoods like Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain where you’ll find cafes with outdoor seating and dog bowls. Hundestrände are designated dog swim beaches along the river Spree.

Tour the city’s wealth of parks, gardens, lakes and forests ideal for energetic dogs. With Germany’s strong culture of dog ownership, Berliners fully embrace their canine neighbors.


7. Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne welcomes dogs with loads of parks, trails, beaches and outdoor patios at restaurants and cafes. Rent a vacation rental downtown within walking distance of attractions like the Queen Victoria Market where dogs are allowed.

Let your pup run free at one of Melbourne’s 40 off-leash parks and reserves. Go kayaking or paddleboarding together along the Yarra River.

Many wineries and breweries in the Yarra Valley also allow dogs. With great street food and coffee culture, Melbourne delivers the complete package for dog-loving travelers.


8. Toronto, Canada


Consistently ranked one of the world’s top pet-friendly cities, Toronto has a huge selection of dog parks, walking trails, waterfront access, and dog-welcoming patios. Take your pup on a ferry to explore Toronto Islands Park and Hanlan’s Point off-leash area.

Downtown hotels offer pet packages with dog beds, bowls and treats. The Redpath Sugar Beach welcomes dogs to play in the pink sand and brethren wood. With polite, dog-loving Canadians everywhere, Toronto rolls out the red carpet for traveling canine companions.


9. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague provides a fairy tale backdrop for vacationing with your dog. Dogs are allowed on public transportation, in taxis, hotels, restaurants, stores, gardens and more.

Climb up to dizzying views atop the Petřín Lookout Tower, then reward your pooch with a meat-filled trdelník pastry. Let your dog join you on a scenic Vltava River cruise or for leisurely walks through medieval Old Town and across the iconic Charles Bridge.

Stay in the Strahov Monastery Brewery hotel with dog beds, bowls and treats. With few restrictions, Prague offers a truly dog-friendly experience.


10. Dublin, Ireland


The Irish are famous for their warm hospitality, which absolutely extends to canine visitors in Dublin. The city’s plentiful parks provide plenty of grass and trails for dogs to roam freely.

Shop for tasty dog treats at pet bakeries spread throughout Dublin. Check out Dog Lovers Dublin on Facebook for insider tips on the best cafes, trails, activities and more for traveling with your pup.

Relax together on a cruise around Dublin Bay or stop for snapshots with colorful street art. Dublin’s welcoming culture makes it a joy to visit with your furry friend.



With amazing walks, activities, hotel amenities and dining options specifically for traveling dogs, these destinations make it easy to vacation with your four-legged BFF.

Each city offers unique attractions and local culture to experience together. So bring your pup along on your next adventure to create memories exploring the world as a dynamic duo.

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