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Strangest Ministries In The World Which You Have Never Heard

There are many ministries in the world that are responsible for doing important tasks. But there are also some ministries that are involved for completing strange tasks. In this article, we will take a look at some of the strangest ministries in the world and their quirky responsibilities.
So, without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the strangest ministries in the world!


1. Ministry of Happiness – United Arab Emirates

However, this is not the first such exceptional and strange ministry in the world. Some other countries have long since introduced some deranged state institutions. Many consider it as an excuse to create jobs. Our today’s arrangement with the Ministry of Betali name of some such countries.


2. Ministry of Yoga – India

Yoga exercise is a traditional naturopathy and health care method in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi established the Ministry of Yoga in 2014 for the wide spread and promotion of this ancient medical system.

For this, Modi exercised in front of the people in the courtyard of his house. On Yoga Day in June 2015, he organized the world’s largest yoga retreat.


3. Propaganda and Demonstration Department – North Korea

The West complains that this state division was born to establish the claim that it is going away. The division is rumored to have been invented by the country’s former leader, Kim Jong Il, who scored an 11 on his golf debut.

It is also claimed that current President Kim Jong-un learned to drive at the age of three. This department was established once for the purpose of these agitation campaigns. This institution fulfills the responsibility of information ministry of other countries. Kim handed over the department to his sister in 2015.


4. National Happiness Commission – Bhutan

Keeping in mind the happiness of the people, the National Happiness Commission was formed about 44 years ago by Bhutan, known as the Himalayan Kingdom. Since 2008, the country has been considering total national happiness as one of the factors in checking national growth.


5. State Law and Order Restoration Council – Myanmar

After going through many ups and downs since 1962, the democratic trend has recently started in Myanmar. A department called ‘State Law and Order Restoration Council’ was opened to hide the harsh rule of the military junta.

Its overall commanders were only 11 senior military officers. The main goal was to attract the attention of the citizens and the international community due to the name Chhaddbeshi. But as it was not successful, the name was changed to National Peace and Development Council in 1997.


6. Ministry of ‘Happiness-Peace’ and ‘Tolerance’ – UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government on Tuesday announced the formation of two separate ministries for ‘happiness and peace’ and ‘tolerance’. The work of finding two ministers for these two ministries has also started.

However, an official of Human Rights Watch commented that the matter is ridiculous. He said, in a country where human rights violations and gender discrimination are rampant, will they open a ministry in the name of ‘happiness and peace’ and ‘tolerance’? It is like the name of Ram on the face of a ghost.

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