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Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains In The World

Are you looking for information on the fastest bullet trains in the world? Then look no further! Did you know that Japan was the first to introduce the “bullet train”, with its 0 Series Shinkansen being launched in 1964? This article helps by providing a list of the top 10 fastest bullet trains from around the globe, each reaching speeds up to 600 km/h.

Get ready to be wowed at what modern technology can achieve—explore now!


List of Fastest Bullet Trains In The World

This section highlights the ten bullet trains from around the world with their top speeds and countries of origin.


1. L0 Series Maglev: 602 km/h (Japan)


The L0 Series Maglev is the world’s fastest bullet train. Developed by JR Central, this high-speed rail car holds the record for top speed at 602 km/h. This remarkable achievement has surpassed maglev trains in Shanghai and impressive speeds of 600 km/h are not out of its reach, as a test run saw it cover 1.8km in under 11 seconds at over 600 km/h.

Providing safe and efficient mobility between destinations, the JR Central engineers have put forth great effort into developing an innovative mode of transport with advanced engineering advances to propel passengers through their journey faster than ever before while maintaining safety standards at all times.


2. CRRC Qingdao Sifang Maglev: 600 km/h (China)


The CRRC Qingdao Sifang Maglev train is the latest and one of the fastest trains in the world. This state-of-the-art prototypical maglev train sets a new speed record that can reach up to 600 km/h, enabling faster journeys between different cities in China and reducing travel time drastically by more than half.

Developed using advanced magnetic levitation technology, this train hovers 10 millimeters above ground as electromagnetic force propels it forward at an impressive speed. It was unveiled during 2019 in the city of Qingdao, taking over from its predecessor – Shanghai Maglev Train with its lower top speed of 430km/h – to become a revolutionary high-speed transportation system within China and potentially globe too! The fasttrain is expected to bring quicker journey times for people travelling around country on business or leisure.


3. TGV POS: 575 km/h (France)


The TGV POS is considered one of the fastest bullet trains in the world, and rightfully so. It holds the world speed record for a commercial train on steel wheels, reaching an impressive 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph).

Its incredible speed was achieved on April 3, 2007, during its test run on the newly built TGV East line in France. This incredibly fast velocity makes it perfect for those who want to travel long distances quickly with comfort and safety as these high-speed trains feature modern amenities such as leather seats and Wi-Fi connectivity onboard.

Despite being able to reach such great speeds through its modifications that make it weigh only 265 tonnes, it still has all the necessary comfort features making it one of today’s top choice when travelling around Europe – especially since SNCF, the French national railway company operates them with utmost reliability across many cities both domestically and internationally!


4. CRH380A Hexie: 486 km/h (China)

fastest bullet trains in the world

The CRH380A Hexie, holding the title as one of the world’s fastest bullet trains in China, set a world record by reaching an astonishing speed of 486 km/h (302 mph) on the world’s longest 433.6-mile high-speed line! This impressive train is capable of cruising at a maximum speed of 236 mph (380 km/h) for commercial operation and can reach speeds over 360km/h to connect cities around China faster than ever before.

With 42,000km network extension, this extraordinary bullet train has greatly modernized traveling between major cities in China. Not only does it conveniently get you from point A to point B quickly but also provides with unmatchable reliability and safety stability during its ride making every step more valuable than ever – excitingly stimulating your senses and rendering it all worthwhile!


5. Shanghai Maglev: 431 km/h (China)


The Shanghai Maglev is the world’s fastest train, reaching speeds up to 431 kilometers per hour (268 mph). This impressive feat was made possible through the use of magnetic levitation technology.

Now travellers can rest assured their journey will be completed quickly and safely in record time. With its incredible speed, it takes only 8 minutes for passengers to travel between two points that would take 45 minutes by car.

Part of China’s extensive high-speed rail network, this maglev train helps travelers move swiftly around the country and also holds a Guinness World Record as well. Truly a marvel of 21st century engineering this bullet train continues to redefine what’s possible when it comes fast transportation.


6. HEMU-430X: 422 km/h (South Korea)


The HEMU-430X is a high-speed electric multiple unit (EMU) train in South Korea and one of the fastest bullet trains in the world with a top speed of 422 km/h (262 mph). This magnificent feat has earned this train the record for highest speed ever demonstrated by a train in Korea when it reached 354.64 km/h during testing! Designed to revolutionize high-speed rail transportation, this unique system makes travel convenient and comfortable for passengers.

Offering smooth rides at great speeds, travelers can reach their desired destination quickly thanks to its impressive acceleration rate. Its streamlined design also reduces wind resistance which increases overall efficiency further, and its sophisticated engineering offers an additional layer of safety against derailments.

So when you’re looking for reliable and fast travel experience, book on board the HEMU-430X!


7. Fuxing Hao CR400AF: 418 km/h (China)


The Fuxing Hao CR400AF is one of the world’s fastest bullet trains with a maximum speed of 418 km/h (260 mph). It tools along at an average cruising speed of 350 km/h (220 mph), making it the fastest conventional high-speed train in regular service.

Developed by CRRC and operated by China Railway High-Speed, this state-of-the art train makes its debut on routes between Beijing and Shanghai. Some notable features highlighted include its smart operation system which ensures fast response time during acceleration, improved stability while cornering and energy saving innovations that reduce electricity usage for improved efficiency.

All combined, it provides travelers with an amazing experience as they make their journey aboard this superfast locomotive crossing some incredible landscapes!


8. Frecciarossa 1000: 394 km/h (Italy)

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The Frecciarossa 1000 is not only a sight to behold, but also the fastest train in Europe. Reaching extraordinary speeds of up to 394 km/h (249 mph), these electro-diesel trains are produced by AnsaldoBreda and Bombardier Transportation in collaboration with Trenitalia, Italy’s leading high-speed rail operator.

These modern marvels have managed to achieve top speeds of 400 km/h (249 mph) on operation as well as maintain consistent performances throughout their travels from one station to another across the country.

The sleek streamlined design that runs at ultra-high speed has enabled travellers hassle free commutes between cities or even countries without any delays making it one of the most desired bullet train options around!


9. ICE3: 330km/h (Germany)


The ICE3 is a high-speed train in Germany, certified to operate at a speed of 330 km/h (205 mph) and has achieved speeds of 368km/h (229mph) during trials. Part of the Intercity Express system, the ICE3 also serves multiple countries in Europe and runs on national German high-speed railways at maximum speeds up to 320km/h (199mph).

The trains have unique features that make travelling faster and easier including wider seats, adjustable headrests for comfortable sleeping positions as well as power outlets beneath every seat.

Additionally, each seating area is designated an individual space where passengers can store their luggage bags above or below the benches provided for convenience. With excellent service from efficient staff on board combined with its many features such as those mentioned above – it’s no wonder this makes one of the most preferred modes of transportation for travelers across various European countries.


10. JR East E5: 320km/h (Japan)


The JR East E5 is one of the world’s fastest bullet trains. It is an electric-multiple unit express train operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East), and part of the Shinkansen network in Japan.

The high-speed rail can attain a maximum operating speed of 320 km/h (200 mph), making it one of the faster trains available on public transportation in Japan. This train has been designed with comfort and safety in mind, incorporating an automatic braking system that prevents any derailment due to serious collisions, as well as advanced fire prevention systems built into each carriage.

Passengers on board this ultra fast bullet train are treated to reclining seats with ample legroom for greater passenger comfortology during their ride at high speed along some scenic routes such as Tokyo – Shinjuku or Osaka – Kyoto.



The world’s fastest bullet trains are an amazing feat of engineering, allowing passengers to travel large distances in relatively short periods of time. Japan is home to the first bullet train known as the Japanese 0 Series Shinkansen and presently China is home to the world’s fastest commercially operated trains with speeds reaching up to 600 km/h.

Meanwhile, South Korea and France also possess similarly speedy rail systems that can reach over 400 km/h and 500 km/h respectively. The JR East E5 which tops out at 320km/h is another great example of a high-speed rail system allowing for faster commutes across Japan.

These incredible systems represent a massive leap forward in global transportation technologies just four decades after their introduction in Japan hugely providing convenience for travelers around the entire globe while having a lower environmental impact than airliners or cars.

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