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15 Big Dogs That Don’t Shed: Best For Clean Freaks

Having a furry companion can bring joy and rewards to many people. But shedding and mess can be a problem for those who want a clean and low-maintenance environment. Luckily, there are some big dogs that don’t shed or shed very little.

These breeds have hair that grows continuously but they do not shed like other breeds. Shedding breeds leave trails of fur behind, but not these breeds. So Let’s take a look on these Large Dog breeds with whom we can live a shedding free life.


List of Big Dogs That Don’t Shed

Certain Non-Shedding Varieties of Large Dogs are mentioned as follows :


1 . Airedale Terrier

non-shedding dog

This breed is known to be the ” King of all Terriers ” for the reason that it is the most substantial sized among all other terrier breeds. Aire Valley in England was the place of origin of this breed, where it was first evolved into a breed and considered a predator of rats and ducks.

If we talk about the general appearance, the tiny, coarse coat may be rectilinear or minimally curly. This coat generally doesn’t shed but is skilfully trimmed thrice or quadruple times a year. Regular brushing with the Hebdomadal technique with a non-harsh brush keeps the coat snarl free.


2. Afghan Hound

big dogs that don't shed

One of the most Ancient Breeds of dogs that evolved over a chiliad period of time in the high prominence of the terrains of the then Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. The prompt breed was used for blood sports and awarded as a faithful consort by the royal family and aristocracy.

The colossal, sturdy, lustrous coat that doesn’t shed. One drawback is that it needs a lot of nurturing, inclusive of recurrent cleaning, and more brushing additionally—colossal, thin, and commanding, with immensely prominent pelvic bones. A variety of color combinations is seen in the breed, including brown-streaked disguises.


3 . Barbet

dogs that don't shed hair

This is a French breed of dog that evolved one century ago. It’s an average large-size dog that has a colossal and wavy coat that sheds very little. The breed is worldwide known for its friendly and sociable temperament. The unique mustache and goatee that barbets have, add to their endearing appearance. Daily grooming is a must in order to keep it free from snarls and mites.

This breed is very affectionate and joyous, extroverted, and high-spirited. These dogs are inclined to do activities like swimming and require a lot of daily physical training in spite of possessing a low-key and submissive personality.

The unshorn, wavy coat is long in length and immensely hairy. It can be of colors such as black, gray, brown, etc, and white markings are sometimes a part.


4. Giant Schnauzer

best dogs that don't shed

Among all the three connected breeds of schnauzer, this one is the biggest in size. It evolved from the standard schnauzer which is considered to be the original breed.

In Germany, these dogs led the flock of cattle to the market and labored as a multi-tasking breed guarding farms, etc. The coat is immensely hairy and has a minimal shedding feature.

It needs skillful nurturing but betwixt of daily grooming sessions, it can be caressed with brushing weekly. A stout and well-built physique that is near a square shape. The tough, coarse, immensely hairy coat form whiskers and eyebrows. The coat exhibits colors such as solid black, gray, etc.


5. Briard

dogs that don't shed much

This is another french breed of dog. Since time immemorial this breed had been used to watch over flocks of domestic animals like sheep. The lengthy, rough, and minimally curly coat is resistant to smuck and water.

The weight of Briard weight ranges from 50 to 100 pounds. Another problem that they face is tangling. If their furs are not well groomed, they get tangled easily.

The coat sheds very less. The reason behind this is extensive care with a huge amount of brushing after a certain interval of time. Once you stop taking care of your pet, their fur quality decreases and eventually they start shedding.

Briards need to be bathed once every month. Even though they don’t shed much, professional clipping is an essential requirement after every short period.


6. Greyhound (Dog that don’t shed)

large dogs that don't shed

This Italian breed of dog is the fastest breed of dog on earth. The breed of greyhound is an affable, mild, and sophisticated breed when liberated off the racing track. Even though they are huge in size yet are very quiet and amicable, making them best for city life.

Greyhound are a super energetic breed and always need a homestead here they are provided with abundant chances of running and playing as per their wish.

This breed is cordial with their families and are fond of spending time mitigating with their beloved people. They are one of the most minimal shedding breeds.

Their shedding depends on the time of the year. Also, they do not need much nurturing other than periodic bathing and brushing. Dry Shampoo works best for them by making their fur shiny and also making them smell wonderful. Coats show variety in colors and combinations.


7. Goldendoodle

doodle dogs that dont shed

This breed is a heterogeneous cross between a standard poodle and a golden retriever. Among all the designer dogs this is the largest breed. These are affectionate, extrovert, assertive, and well-mannered breeds that are considered to be great choices for family pets.

Goldendoodles can have various hair varieties, such as curly, wavy, or straight, and they range in size from small to large. They can have a broad range of coat hues, but the most typical ones are variations of gold, cream, apricot, or scarlet.

The quantity of shedding depends on the quantity and level of poodle genetics that affect the coat, precisely curlier and more “poodle-like” the coat appears, the less will be the quantity of shedding in the breed.


8. Irish Water Spaniel

dogs that don't shed and are calm

This breed of dog originated in Ireland. Since previous eras, this breed has been used there as a multi-tasking, blood-sportive dog who is capable of pointing, flushing, and retrieval of sunken birds inclusive of ducks, geese, quails, etc.

The coat is deeply haired, compact, crunchy wavy in appearance although the tail is totally sleek which was basically responsible for gaining the nickname of the breed i.e, ” Rat Tail Spaniel “.

The coat doesn’t shed at all and thus is never responsible for triggering hypersensitivity. It requires more brushing and recurrent skillful nurturing to keep it at its best look. Tough and stout physique along with a muscular and bony skeleton. The immensely haired, crunchy, and compactly wavy coat comes in various colors like liver brown color.


9. Komondor

low shedding dog

A Hungarian Breed of dog which was considered to be the protector of livestock such as sheep from wolves and various predators. They were also known to be safeguarding their families.

Their coat shows a habitual entangled appearance which signifies that hair is inspired to evolve into prolonged white cornrows. This enabled the dog to get camouflaged with the herd.

The entanglement of hair is so immense that it acts as a sheath against predating wolves and also provides warmth in extreme weather.

Although the coat doesn’t shed but needs a huge amount of nourishment and nurturing to keep it fine, unsoiled, and moisture free. Huge and well-boned skeleton with a substantial appearance; wrapped with an immense coat of white dreadlocks.


10 . Peruvian Inca Orchid

best guard dogs that dont shed

This breed hails from Peru and is also by the name Peruvian Hairless Dog. It is an ancient dog as it evolved naturally in Peruvian terrains with artifacts showing images of the breed that dated back to 750 AD.

The breed comes up with two varieties. They are renowned for their elegant look, hairless skin, and slender, muscular frame.

The hairless variety of this breed almost sheds no hair as it is usually body hair free all over its body. Skin Protection is thus a major requirement while outdoor activities of the breed.

Stylish and lean and shorn with sleek and pliable skin. It is thought that this breed is extremely clever, sensitive, and obedient to its masters. They make excellent household pets because they are also renowned for getting along well with kids and other animals.


11 . Poodle (Low Shedding Dog)

dogs that don't shed very much

This breed was developed in Germany with the purpose of a water fetcher. Poodles are a fantastic option for people with allergies because of their distinctively curly or wavy hair, which sheds very little.

The naturally rough, profuse wavy coat is less allergic and shows no shedding but it is an expensive breed in terms of grooming. The breed must be skilfully nurtured once every one or two months and combed every other day in order to prevent mites.

This adorable species looks like a square. All of its body parts are in proper proportion and good musculature is evident. The rough, profuse, wavy coat can come up in many colors, including but not quantified to white, black, silver, etc.

poodles are well-known as working canines in many different occupations, including herding, hunting, and acting in circuses, due to their high intelligence and trainability.


12 . Portuguese Water Dog

less shedding dog

This super active breed should be indulged in physical activities the whole day to keep them healthy. They can also maintain amicable relationships with other dogs and cats if raised with them. They are also known as hypoallergic species because of their minimum shedding.

This breed of dog is super energetic having two varieties of coats. One of those has curls and the other one is slightly wavy. The coats come in various colors such as black or brown. Their owners need to have a good eye on them and should regularly be brushed to prevent tangling.


13 . Saluki

dogs that don't shed much

It is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs, the breed was once the most trustworthy among all other hunting dogs of bygone ancient Egyptian pharaohs. These dogs do shed hairs of their but the quantity is fairly very limited if compared to several other breeds.

They possess a tiny, sleek coat. The coat comes in a variety of colors and designer patterns. An average size large dog with a tiny coat. No particular color combinations.

Salukis are used frequently in lure coursing, a sport where canines pursue a motorized bait around a course, due to their speed and stamina. Although they can be reserved or distant around outsiders, they make devoted and affectionate friends.

Salukis need frequent exercise and mental stimuli. Generally, they tend to be in good health, but they can be predisposed to certain genetic diseases like hip dysplasia and certain ocular disorders.


14. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

white low shedding dog

The breed consists of dogs that are cheerful, extroverted, jolly, and buoyant. The purpose of breeding these varieties was to make them work on farms in Ireland. Its fur comes in a pale golden color resembling the color of wheat.

They can be of obstinate nature at times. They have a prolonged coat that is curly, and sleek and comes up in a golden color resembling that of wheat.

Being an energetic breed, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier needs regular exercise to remain healthy and content. They adore playing and running, and they take pleasure in competing in agility and obedience events.


15. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

dogs that don't shed

A versatile hunting breed that developed in the Netherlands in the late 19th century is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Terrier, also referred to as the Griffon Korthals. They are a multi-tasking and predating breed.

Eduard Karel Korthals created this breed in an effort to create a versatile gundog that could search in various terrains and recover prey from either land or water.

The unwavering, coarse fur is water-resistant and double-layered, which has no shedding properties. Thorough brushing is mandatory every once a week.

They need skillful clipping or husking once or quadruple times a year. The rough, unwavering coat comes up in steel color with brown markings in between.


Final Words:

If you are reactive towards allergens the above species might turn out to be a good choice for you. Whereas while considering a dog to be a non-shedding breed, it signifies that their fur apparently doesn’t shed like other breeds. This rather means there is less laborious homestead cleaning.

We can simply gather all the fur in the comb instead of collecting it in a dustpan while putting a floor swab. A non-shedding breed reduces the chances of suffering from allergies caused by pets. But there still exists a possibility every minute that hypersensitivity will be triggered. It’s quite difficult to have a breed with no allergens.

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