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A Guide to the Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

Do you have an affinity for ink and tattoos? Are you looking out for the best tattoo shops in Dallas to get a beautiful, unique artwork etched on your skin? If looking for yes then it’s important to find a shop that minds your safety and provides excellent service.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the top-rated tattoo places in Dallas that are worth visiting! With these handpicked options, we’ll equip you with everything needed to make sure your next visit hits all the right notes.

So let’s get started!


List of 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Dallas

From Elm Street Tattoo to Third Eye Gallery, we have compiled a list of some of the best tattoo shops in Dallas for you!


1. Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art


It is one of the top tattoo places in dallas. This fully custom shop runs under experienced owner Char McGaughy, and has been up and running since 2010. Customers know that they can trust Gold Dust Tattoos for excellent services from some of the city’s top-tier tattoo artists.

From intricate lines to bold designs, there’s no limit when it comes to what you can get done here. Not only does this parlor offer body art, but also incredible piercing services as well.

For beautiful quality artwork coupled with exceptional customer service, paying a visit to Gold Dust tattoos & Fine Art should be at the top of your list!


2. Elm Street Tattoo


Elm street tattoo is recognized as one of the best tattoo shops in Dallas thanks to its experienced team of artists led by well-known tattooers Oliver Peck and Dean Williams. The shop, located in the historic entertainment district of Deep Ellum, has been operating for over 20 years and offers a selection of highly skilled artists carefully chosen by Peck and Williams.

Customers can either book an appointment or walk in for their tattoos – guaranteeing satisfaction from such a long standing reputable business. With the combination of expertise, location, history and modern services they offer it’s no wonder Elm Street Tattoo is up there with some of the most talked about parlors around town.


3. Legacy Arts Tattoo

Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

It is one of the top tattoo places in dallas, with two locations – one on Coit Road and another on Midway Road. With decades of experience in the business, Legacy Arts Tattoo ensures its clients leave with new body art they love.

In addition to fame from its customers’ great results, their Coit Road location also has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 37 reviews and their Midway Road location boasts 4 stars based on 16 reviews! Visitors of these unique parlors can select between a variety of different styles – from black and gray to neo-traditional – for an individualized look that will last them forever.

All this makes it easy to see why Legacy Arts Tattoo is regarded as one of the top throwers in town!


4. Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company


Located in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company is a studio that prides itself on its award-winning artists. The company has been voted as the “Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas” from 2015 to 2021 and features renowned artist Rudy Hetzer along with other incredible talents from around the area.

Specializing in everything from traditional to neo-traditional to surrealism styles of tattoos, each artist at this studio offers unique expertise and skill sets which allows them to accommodate their clients individual needs.

With dedicated staff and top-of-the line equipment, you can be sure that your future tattoo will leave you feeling proud wearing beautiful artwork for years to come.


5. Cedar Springs Tattoo & Piercing


Cedar Springs Tattoo & Piercing is a renowned tattoo shop located in Dallas and has been providing quality tattoos since 2015. This award-winning studio specializes in various styles like American Traditional, Japanese, black and gray.

Clients can also take advantage of body piercing services here. The facility’s mantra being “satisfaction guaranteed” which is why it has earned itself a spot on the top 10 best tattoo shops list in Dallas.

Furthermore, Cedar Springs Tattoo & Piercing stands out for its custom tattoo designs; as clients have access to experienced artists who are passionate about creating innovative work that the customer loves – making sure they leave completely happy with their experience!


6. Lady Magnolia Tattoo


Located in downtown Dallas, Lady Magnolia Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in dallas. Partnered with owner Bri Leflore’s passion and expertise, customers can expect high-quality custom tattoos at affordable prices.

This shop has a classic vintage vibe that helps create a cozy atmosphere for visitors who come to explore their creativity. Even more, Bri prioritizes creating a comfortable space for clients which makes it easy for everyone to feel safe while they are being creative within the walls of this establishment.


7. Koneko Studio


Koneko is widely known as one of the best tattoo shops Dallas has to offer. Founded by Little Linda in East Dallas, Koneko Studio offers a range of services from traditional tattooing to piercing and even cosmetic and hair services.

Customers have consistently reported positive experiences after visiting Koneko’s Main St location with many returning for new ink or piercings on multiple occasions. Personalized consultations give customers confidence that their desired design will be rendered beautifully and safely at this renowned studio.


8. Lucky You Tattoos


Located in Dallas, Texas and known for its American traditional style of tattooing, Lucky You Tattoos offers a wide array of tattoos from small designs to large full-back pieces. With all the talent combined in this shop, you will be sure to find that perfect design or representational work you’ve been searching for.

The shop is conveniently located at 309 Centre St in Dallas, TX 75208—only 20 minutes away from downtown! Lucky You Tattoo has received rave reviews from their clients: they have an amazing 5 out of 5 stars on both Yelp and Google.

Additionally, they accept credit cards as a form of payment so feel free to check them out if you’d like some ink done right away without having cash handy. Reviews from customers remark on how talented the artists are and some even review specific artist’s work within the shop.


9. Third Eye Gallery


Located in Dallas, Third Eye Gallery is recognized as one of the top 10 best tattoo shops in Dallas. Customers have praised the high quality work of tattoo artist Freddie Treviño who has earned a great reputation for his attention to detail and artistic creativity.

Not only that, but Third Eye Gallery is also supported by well-known national artist Jay Joree whose work has been featured across various platforms including magazines and television shows.

Not only does this studio offer personalized service for its clients, it also enjoys strong presence on Instagram with over 36k followers and 1534 posts showcasing both tattoo designs along with other art forms from their gallery.


10. Rebel Muse Tattoo


Located in both North Dallas and Lewisville, Rebel Muse Tattoo offers a wide range of tattoo styles, including realism, portraits, Japanese, and American traditional. The shop is renowned for its high-quality work performed by award-winning artists that specialize in this type of artform.

Customers can depend on the reputation of Rebel Muse to provide them with confidence when visiting their parlor. Not only do they have two locations in Dallas but also one in Kansas City MO too – making it easy for those looking to get custom artwork done no matter their location!

For clients who are wary about getting tattoos or considering multiple projects for multiple sessions the highly experienced staff will answered any questions as well as offer advice on body placement and design suited just for each individual’s style while maintaining safety rules throughout the process.



The Dallas area is filled with some of the best tattoo shops in the country. From Elm Street Tattoo to Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art, Lady Magnolia Tattoos, Legacy Arts Tattoo, and more; each shop brings its own unique style and artistry to the city.

Whether you’re looking for traditional tribal work or a detailed portrait piece, there is something for everyone at these well-regarded studios. The amazing talent on display here combined with a top-notch selection of body art make these highly recommended shops must visits for locals and tourists alike.

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