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Explore 15 Most Exotic Places In The World

Every now and then, we all require a spot to unwind and recharge. The day-to-day hustle culture leaves us tired and stressed out. The world is designed to give us the peace and space we need sometimes. But we need most exotic places in the world to vent out frustration and take a deep breath while overlooking the oceans, and coral reefs.

The greenery and blue skies, tall trees, bird songs, all give us life again. So to find your peace, here is a list of fifteen exotic places that will leave you gasping in awe. All of them are unique and brimming with color, hue and nature.


List Of Most Exotic Places In The World


1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand canyon

First in the list is grand canyon, situated in Arizona. This place is a beautiful blend of red rocks, piled high into the air. It is undoubtedly the perfect spot for someone wanting to travel to Arizona for a vacation. Its 277 miles length, is fit for hiking, and a popular tourist hub.

It is a national park popular for its South and North Rim. It also has viewpoints which overlook the Canyon River. Actually it is an erosion naturally formed by the river rushing against the banks and rocks. It was created on February 26, 1919 and still serves as a national Park attracting people from all over the globe.


2. Chillon Castle, Switzerland

Chillon Castle

Greenery and lush beaches come to mind when we even think of Switzerland. It is a place which promises wonderful eye-catching sights, easy on the eyes. Do you want to see a real life castle, on an island? Look no further than Chillon Castle, the most mystical island in Switzerland.

It gives you an out of the world feel, as if it is the 19th century and you can just imagine yourself as a prince or a princess living your life in this beautiful castle. Your imagination runs wild in such a wondrous country (Like mine did right now.) Its secret passages and winding hallways are a window to the past. Zurich, Bern, Interlaken, and many other places give an allure to the country.


3. The Hobbiton, New Zealand

The Hobbiton, New Zealand

Ah, New Zealand, the place famous for the Hobbiton. You might be wondering did she just spell THE HOBBIT wrong on purpose? The Hobbiton, which served as the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series, is the reason this site is well-known. Now of course if you need to visit it asap then you might as well keep some money in your pockets.

Because the tour alone is quite expensive at $89 for adults. But hey, if you need to relish in the actual spaces where the hobbit lived, then it’s worth the tour. The Hobbiton is not the only famed place in New Zealand.


4. Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy

Blue Grotto

Do you love the color blue? I absolutely love it. In fact I just gasped at the beauty of the Blue Grotto, while looking it up on Getty Images. It is gasp worthy, because of the bluish hue that fills the cave.

It gives an eerie sense of pulchritude to the cave itself. It’s the sunlight, which streams through the seawater, creating an aura of blue in the cave. Its length is 54m, and it is accessed through boats. Do pay this Grotto a visit, you will be mesmerized by the enchanter and grandeur of it.


5. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal

You’d be lying if you haven’t jokingly asked your other half to construct you a Taj Mahal too. If you haven’t been using this dialogue, start from like right now. One of the rare locations that simply cannot be explained in words is the Taj Mahal.

You need to go to Agra (India), start packing, because this is the best architecture you might have seen in your entire life. Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, constructed it for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, as I hinted at earlier.

Can you believe how much love was crafted into these stones to still be alive and as alluring as ever? Again, you have to be there to see it. The waters of River Yamuna reflect its white Mausoleum, making it one of the seven wonders of the world.


6. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Most Exotic Places In The World

You can judge my love for New Zealand by the fact that it is related two times in my list. It is just the dreamiest place ever. If you have not visited Waitomo Caves, then you definitely need to, because that place is absolutely gorgeous.

These caves are more than what a human being could ask for. Glowworms create an enchanting light and glow to the caves, especially at nighttime. You should certainly go there at least once in your life.


7. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Hidden Beach

As the name indicates, this is a hidden beach located in the city of mexico. It has a shadowing top which hides the beach, thus the name. It is one of the most enigmatic nature reserves.

You can go snorkeling and swimming, enjoying nature and marine life. However, bear in mind that you can only visit when the water is at its westernmost point. Thus safety should be considered before visiting this wonderful beach.


8. Marble Caves, Chile

Marble Caves

These are wondrous caves located on the islands in Chile. When you enter these caverns, you might feel as though you are in paradise. These are actually calcium carbonate formations built by water lapping against the surfaces. It seems that there is no other entry to it, except through boat, kayak or some other method.

There is not a pathway through it except that is through water. So think of it as an underwater adventure, and do look up to see the marble type formations which change color depending the time of the month or year.


9. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower

It is so romantic in Paris, you of course must have heard of how every newly married couple dreams of going to paris. Well, it’s not in vain, because Paris is definitely making it on this list of exotic places. The Eiffel Tower deserves all of the attention, as you might have seen pictures of people posing next to it.

It is unquestionably deserving of all the hoopla, so you must visit and take pictures next to it as well. Gustave Eiffel built the tower, and thus the tower was named after this engineer. It was designed and built for the World fair in 1889.


10. Flores Island, Portugal

Flores Island

You can do a lot of stuff on Flores Island, namely diving, hiking, and even swimming. Birdwatching is a famous activity in this place. Cascata Do Poco Do Bacalhau is a majestic waterfall located on Flores Island, Portugal. This is located at a height of 80m from the bottom of the pond.

Eels are also present in the water close to the cascade, so you might want to exercise caution. You may get electrocuted, not just from the beauty of the waterfall, but from eels too.


11. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

Renowned for its stone shaped walls this is a citadel located in Peru named Machu Picchu. It was constructed in the 15th century but the use of a citadel like this is unknown and a mystery to date. It is situated in the Andes Mountains in Peru, over the Urubamba River Valley.

It was created without the aid of any instruments and serves as evidence of the Inca Empire’s strength and brilliance. This is a must visit destination, to be in awe of the glory of this majestic empire. It was discovered by a history professor.


12. Coral beach, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Coral beach

Scotland, yet another delightful country to give a visit to. Here our focus is on Coral Beach, located on Isle of Skye. It is a wonderful location to unwind and take a vacation from your hectic routine. The sand is soft and piled with different types of shells. Shell picking can be a good time pass, especially with children onboard.

The name Coral Beach is deluding us to think corals are found here. Actually an interesting fact about this place is that if you scoop up a handful of sand, it might look like corals on the first glance. That is not the case, as these are dried up algaes pretending to look like corals. If you look closer, you might be able to make out seagulls in the water. so go on, have a stay in Scotland and do visit this famed Coral Beach.


13. Rome, Italy


If you like history and are a historical geek like me, you will find yourself in Italy one day, rushing to get the Colosseum. It is just like how the movies show amphitheaters to be mighty and majestic. It was built by Vespasian, to serve as a place for fights, battles of animals, and even gladiators.

It was supposedly an entertainment place for people of that time. Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Piazza Navona and many other places reside in the ancient city of Italy. There are charges to see the Colosseum but the other places listed here are relatively free of cost.


14. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsunday Islands

It is located in Queensland, Australia. It gives a ravishing view, which is definitely to die for. These are 74 islands, located nearby the Great Barrier Reef which consists of marine and coral reefs as the name indicates. It is a great place for hiking, as many hiking trails are located on these islands.

These islands are also surrounded and filled with many rainforests, mass beaches and beautiful caves. Islands give a luscious feel to every visitor, leaving them wanting more of this allure and charismatic environment.


15. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

When we say exotic, we actually mean turkey as a whole. This mystical place is filled with beautiful mosques, Hagia Sofia to name a few. This beautiful mosque which is now turned into a museum has the most astounding architecture in the whole world.

People from all over the globe come here to get a taste of its artistry. And of course, Cappadocia, the ancient moonscape, is a feast for the eyes. The photographs do not do it credit, as can be seen by the colours. Its ancient geology due to volcanic eruptions causes it to glow in different colors.

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