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How Much Does A Back Tattoo Cost

Are you thinking of getting a back tattoo but not sure how much it will cost? It’s important to consider the many factors that can impact the price of a tattoo, such as size, complexity or design elements.

This article explores different factors that affect prices for back tattoos, provides an overview of average cost ranges and offers tips for budgeting and finding the right artist.

By understanding these costs in advance, readers can make informed decisions when it comes to selecting their perfect tattoo. So if you’re ready to learn more about back tattoos and their associated costs – read on!


Factors Influencing Back Tattoo Cost

how much does a back tattoo cost

Size, complexity of design, color vs black and gray, tattoo artist’s experience level and the location of the tattoo parlor all affect how much a back tattoo costs.


1. Size of the Tattoo

The size of a back tattoo is one of the main factors that affects its cost. Smaller tattoos such as those on the spine or chest typically range between $100 and $150, whereas bigger tattoos can range from anywhere between $200 to more than $2,500 depending on their complexity.

For instance, small to medium-sized tattoos may start at around $50-$100 while half sleeve or full sleeve tattoos will likely be at least triple that amount. If you’re considering getting an extensive design that covers most of your back, you should expect to pay upwards from over £5,000 in addition for any additional touch-ups required after completing initial act by artists who specializes in large scale pieces.


2. Complexity of its design

The complexity of a back tattoo design is one of the most important factors affecting the price. Intricate details, shading, and color all require additional time from the artist and therefore will add to the cost.

A simple black and gray line work may cost around $100-$150 dollars compared to something with much more intricate detail like a full-color portrait which can range from $1000 -$3000 or even higher depending on size and complexity.

Additionally, designs featuring multiple colors are often more expensive because they generally take longer than those with just black ink. Furthermore, if multiple sessions over weeks or months are required due to pain tolerance level of an individual’s skin type it could also translate into increased costs for finishing up a full sleeve or large back piece done in color.


3. Color of the Tattoo

When considering the price of a tattoo, the type and complexity of design will affect your final cost. Color tattoos often cost more than black and gray tattoos because they require specialized inks that may cost more as well as an additional investment from the artist for mixing time.

Watercolor-style tattoos can also cost significantly more than regular black and gray due to their intricate color variations and blending techniques—all factors which contribute to higher costs.

Meanwhile, simple designs with one or two colors may not have much added expense but incorporating color into a larger piece or design elements such as shading can increase the cost dramatically.


4. Artist Experience

The experience and skill level of a tattoo artist can greatly impact the cost of a back tattoo. As with most services, experienced artists are more likely to charge higher rates for their work due to their years in the industry.

Experienced tattoo artists may have mastered their craft over time, allowing them to provide exceptional artistry and quality tattoos that often come at an increased price tag. It is important when selecting a tattoo artist for your back piece to take into account overall quality as well as the reputation of the shop or individual artist you’re considering.

Highly skilled artists with established reputations tend to be some of the best available but also command respectably prices for their artwork so it is wise budget accordingly before committing yourself and your wallet!


5. Tattoo Parlor’s Location

All factors considered, the location of a tattoo parlor is one of the most influential variables that affect your back tattoo cost. A particular shop’s overhead costs and demand can lead to pricing variations from one place to another.

Most people often don’t realize this when looking for a tatto artist, which can result in unexpected charges or even disappointment after getting inked at an overpriced studio.

For example, many studios in Los Angeles are more likely to have higher priced tattoos due to California’s overall higher living costs as compared with other states.

Additionally, if you decide on getting your back piece done in popular cities such as New York City or San Francisco then expect prices per hour session be quite expensive due to high customer demands combined with studio’s fees associated with running their business there.

Ultimately, one should always take into account the proximity and diversity of these locations before deciding where they want their art work created since every city usually has its own unique price range set by each individual shop owner within it’s vicinity.


Average Cost Ranges for Back Tattoos

back tattoo

Small to medium-sized tattoos typically cost between $100-$200, half or full sleeve tattoos may cost up to several thousand dollars, and full back tattoos can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the complexity.


1. Small to Medium-Sized Tattoos

On average, small tattoos may cost anywhere from $50 to $250. The price you end up paying for these types of tattoos may depend on factors like the size and complexity of the tattoo design as well as the experience of the artist, their location and whether they use color or black-and-gray ink.

Depending on what type of tattoo you get, your costs can vary considerably. Popular simple designs such as flowers or anchors could cost around $70 to $300 while more complex designs such a portrait or an animal might command prices up to $300 and beyond.

Larger sized pieces (such as arm sleeves) will generally increase in cost depending on how detailed they are but it is not uncommon for fees to exceed over a thousand dollars per sleeve with intricate artworks taking multiple sessions spread across weeks or months when completed by experienced artists who focus quality work.


2. Half Sleeve or Full Sleeve Tattoos

Half sleeve or full sleeve tattoos are amongst the most sought-after body art designs due to their striking images and unique messaging. Generally, a half sleeve tattoo can range from $800 for a simple design, and up to $2000 for more complex pieces.

The amount of color used in the design may also impact pricing; colored tattoos often cost slightly more than those drawn in black and grey.

On the other hand, covering your entire arm with detailed artwork could set you back between $1,200-$5,000 depending on complexity and size of the tattoo as well as how long it will take to complete – something many potential customers forget when budgeting for their tat.

Many tattoo artists charge an hourly rate which can further increase costs associated with larger scale designs. Examples of small detailed tattoos like flowers or birds that cover only one side of an arm hover around $200–250 while bigger sleeves such as dragons may reach upwards of several thousand dollars depending on details and colors used by the artist.


3. Full Back Tattoos

Fullback tattoos are a popular choice among those looking to make a lasting statement with their body art. The price of these large piece can also vary depend on all the factors mentioned above.

On average, they generally range in cost from $1,200-$5,500. Smaller pieces such as outlines or half sleeve tattoos may fall closer to the lower end of this range while larger ones like full sleeves or full backs may reach into more expensive range.

Color also affects price – adding color will increase cost but can often greatly enhance your desired effect. When budgeting for a back tattoo it is also important to find an experienced and reliable artist who you feel comfortable with creating your artwork since higher quality work always comes at greater expense than that done by less skilled hands.


Tips for Budgeting & Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

tattoo maker person

Before getting a tattoo, research your chosen artist’s prices and reputation to ensure the best outcome from your tattoo session.


1. Researching tattoo artists and their prices

When searching for a tattoo artist to create your back piece, take the time to do your due diligence. Researching artists and their rates can help ensure that you get the most suited for your needs and preferences – both excellent design quality as well as competitive prices.

Considerations such as experience level, reputation, and demand impact pricing significantly. An experienced artist with an impressive portfolio may charge more while building a new name in the industry may charge less.

It is also important to consider distance from home locations – areas with higher cost of living typically result in higher rates charged by creative professionals including tattoo artists.


2. Setting a budget

When it comes to getting a back tattoo, one of the most important things is to set a budget and stick to it. Knowing how much you can – and are willing – to pay for your new ink will help you narrow down your search when looking for an artist.

Several factors should be considered when setting a budget, such as the size and complexity of the design, painting in color or shades of grey instead, preferred location of the last shop or studio where you got your tattoo done, experience level of the chosen artist etc.

Researching different local shops and artists ahead of time is key in finding high-quality services that fit within your budget range; reviews from previous customers can be really helpful here.

It’s also important to discuss prices with each option before committing so there are no surprises at check out—when investing in body art covering large portions like full sleeves or backs costs quickly rise up due to labor time required for completion which needs special attention prior commitment by both parties involved: Tattoo Artist & You!


3. Discussing Budget and Pricing Options

When looking to get a back tattoo, it is important for you to understand the various pricing models and budgeting options that are available. Generally speaking, artists will charge either an hourly rate or a set minimum price depending on the size and complexity of your desired tattoo.

Smaller tattoos with less complexity may cost as low as $150 whereas full-back tattoos with intricate designs can reach up to thousands of dollars in some cases. Factors such as size, design complexity, color vs black & gray shading, artist experience level and even location can all affect how much your tattoo may cost in the end.

For those operating under a budget, many experienced Tattoo Artists recommend researching different shops and prices before making any commitments; even people with more flexible budgets must balance their desire for luxurious artwork against what they can comfortably afford long term.


4. Considering the overall quality and reputation of the artist

When it comes to getting a back tattoo, there are many factors that must be taken into account- with the artist’s quality and experience topping the list. Researching the backgrounds of different artists and assessing their portfolios are key steps in deciding on who to hire for this permanent decision.

You should look closely at not only what kind of artistry they produce but also at how well they handle customer service and communication since these can affect overall experience.

An experienced, trusted artist will provide an invaluable level of comfort throughout your tattoo process from consultation to aftercare advice. As impressive as some tattoos look when finished, bad or inadequate technique by an incompetent artist could lead to costly removal processes or unintended health issues down the line.


5. Discussing pricing and expectations during the consultation

It is vital for both clients and tattoo artists to discuss pricing and expectations during a consultation. This helps ensure that clients have realistic expectations of the final cost of their tattoos based on factors such as size, complexity, color and location of the shop.

Clear communication between client and artist also allows an agreement to be made that works best financially for all involved.

Asking questions about prices upfront can help the customer get an accurate estimate of how much they will need to budget for their desired tattoo, while it also allows tattoo artists to make sure they are compensated fairly in terms of time and effort spent on each piece.

Knowing ahead-of-time what type or design spree you want done by your artist can go a long way in ensuring both parties understand fully what is expected from one another. Additionally, research into different studios’ price points around where you live can help create better budgeting plans when shopping around for quality work at a reasonable rate!



In conclusion, the cost of a back tattoo can vary greatly depending on several factors. These include size, complexity of design, colour vs black and gray, artist experience and position of the tattoo parlour.

Smaller amounts usually come with an average price range from $50 to $200 for spine tattoos (small to medium-sized). Half sleeve full sleeves and total back tattoos will cost between $500 to upwards of $5000 depending on how much ink is used and detail requested by the client during their initial consultation.

When budgeting for your new body art it’s important to consider more than just sticker price – you want quality work too! With this information in hand you are ready to shop around until finding high quality lasting results delivered within your financial budget – without compromising style preferences!

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