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Vegan Breakfast at McDonald’s: See Tasty Available Options

Are you looking for vegan breakfast at McDonald’s? Did you know that the fast-food chain offers a wide range of plant-based options? In this article, we will explore vegan breakfast menu items and show how to make sure your meal is meatless, dairy-free and eggless.

If you are searching for quick yet healthy plant based breakfast choices, keep reading! We’ve got you covered with tips on finding delicious vegan breakfast offerings from McDonald’s.


Options of Vegan Breakfast at McDonald’s

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McDonald’s offers a variety of vegan-friendly breakfast options including Veggie Burgers and Sandwiches, Veggie Dippers, Double McPlant, Baked Apple Pie, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, McDonald’s Nuggets, and Black Coffee.


1. Double McPlant

The Double McPlant is the newest vegan options added to the McDonald’s breakfast menu. Made with two all-vegan patties and served with pickles, onions, lettuce and tomatoes, this plant-based burger brings a great burst of flavor to your morning.

It’s also made with a unique new patty that has a crunchy texture yet still remains savory – for those looking for an eggless breakfast option! Nutritional facts include 9g protein per serving as well as good source of fiber containing 7% Iron and 2 grams saturated fat per serving.

With its tasty taste and nutritional content combined together it just might be one of the best vegan burgers in town! The Double McPlant is available at nearly all locations offering other vegetarian-friendly items such as veggie dippers, fruit & maple oatmeal, baked apple pie or black coffee if you’re in need of some caffeine kick this early morning.


2. Veggie Dippers

Veggie Dippers are an excellent vegan alternative to McDonald’s McNuggets and one of the many delicious breakfast options available here. They’re made from split peas and red peppers, coated in a crispy golden breadcrumb coating, and certified as vegan by The Vegetarian Society.

Not only do they provide a vegetarian-friendly option but they also look and taste just like classic chicken nuggets! Plus with their plant-powered nature you can trust that your meal is not only delicious – it’s good for you too! So if you’re looking for something satisfying yet guilt free: try Veggie Dippers for your next vegan breakfast at McDonald’s.


3. Baked Apple Pie

McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie is a must-have choice for those looking for vegan breakfast options. This delicious, nutrient-packed pastry fits into any diet, vegan and non-vegan alike.

What really sets this apart from the rest of your food choices is its remarkable combination of ingredients – water, wheat flour, apples, sugar and modified starch all come together to create the perfect treat.

The pie has 6 grams of saturated fat per serving which works out to 28% daily recommended value. Not only does it provide you with a nutritious morning meal option but it can also satisfy that sweet tooth as well! Enjoying McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie is a win-win situation; whether you’re adhering strictly to your plant based diet or simply looking to broaden your horizons with some tasty fast food every once in awhile.


4. Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

The Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald’s is a delicious and convenient vegan breakfast option. This oatmeal blend contains diced apples and a combination of sweet cranberries, raisins, and maple sugar – all perfect for those looking to enjoy plant-based morning meals without sacrificing flavor.

The added sweetness comes from the provided maple sugar packet; these oats have been prepared with no cream for a dairy-free option. Each bowl of this oatmeal is made with whole grain oats ensuring that you enjoy generous amounts of fiber as part of your diet.

Plus, each portion is low in calories making it ideal as part of a balanced breakfast menu or light snack throughout the day. The Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald’s offers food lovers an opportunity to experience natural sweetness in their vegan breakfasts every morning!


5. McDonald’s Veggie Burgers and Sandwiches

vegan breakfast at mcdonald's

McDonald’s offers a variety of vegan options for breakfast and lunch, including veggie burgers and sandwiches. The McPlant, a plant-based burger co-developed with Beyond Meat, is available at participating locations in the US and UK as an option on their menu.

These meat free alternatives are made from soybeans, vegetable protein, onions and herbs to create mouth-watering flavors. These burgers can be customized using various flourishes like lettuce, tomatoes or ketchup to further enhance the flavor of these alternative meal options.

Customers can also select from vegetarian wraps offered by McDonald’s such as the Falafel Wrap which is plant-based consisting of spicy falafel patty combined with fresh cucumbers & crunchy red onion served in soft tortilla wrap bread; all are non dairy options providing delicious vegan alternatives for those looking for quality fast food experience without compromising on taste buds!


6. McDonald’s Nuggets

McDonalds now offer vegan nuggets made from plant-based foods. Made without any dairy or animal products, these  are not “Chicken Nuggets” and are a cruelty-free option for food lovers looking to enjoy delicious and guilt-free breakfast meals.

The gluten free nuggets are fried in an exclusive fryer that is separated from the other fried foods which means those with allergies and intolerances can rest assured there’s no cross contamination of ingredients.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as well as meat eaters; McDonald’s nuggets pack incredible flavour thanks to a mix of garlic, herbs and spices – they even have 19g protein per portion! For the true fast food experience without investing hours to make it at home – there’s no better way than with McDonald’s vegan friendly Not Chicken Nuggets – available online or through their app!


7. Black Coffee

McDonald’s black coffee is a vegan-friendly drink that comes in both hot and iced options. This coffee option does not contain dairy or any animal-based ingredients; all the McCafe drinks Prepared at McDonald’s are nonvegan, however, anything brewed from beans is an entirely vegan friendly beverage.

Furthermore, those who are looking for specific information on allergens can use the Dairy Free Menu Guide which notes down specific allergen containing food items like soybean oil and allergies from cereal grains as well as Vegan approved/non-Vegan Notes for beverages & desserts which includes a list of Milk+Honey products being Non-Vegan Approved Items.

As simple yet satisfying beverage choice, black coffee serves vegans perfectly as it contains no milk and its preparation process excludes any form of animal by-products.



With vegan options for breakfast now available at McDonald’s, it is easier than ever to enjoy a meatless meal first thing in the morning. From Veggie Burgers and Sandwiches to Double McPlant, there is a wide range of plant-based options on offer.

Additionally, those following a whole-food, plant-based diet can trust that their meals meet approved standards as The Vegetarian Society has certified these items. With quick and convenient access to breakfast options that are both vegan and delicious, eating vegan has never been simpler!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any vegan breakfast at mcdonald's?

Yes, McDonald's offers a range of vegan breakfast options such as the Southwest Sausage Burrito, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, and McMuffin Sandwich without egg or cheese.

Are there any Vegan-friendly condiments at McDonald’s to go with my meal?

Yes, most condiments offered by McDonald’s are vegan-friendly. These include BBQ Sauce, ketchup, mustard, sweet chili sauce and hot sauces such as Tabasco and Sriracha mayo.

Is fruit included in the Mcdonald's vegan breakfast menu?

Yes, most of the items on the Mcdonald's vegan breakfast menu include a side of fresh fruit or yogurt for additional nutrients and flavor enhancers.

Can I request for plant-based milk when ordering oatmeals at Mcdonald’s?

Yes, you can request for plant-based milks (soy, almond etc.) to be added into your order if you prefer to have oatmeal instead of cow 's milk.

What other animal product should I avoid when ordering from Mcdonald's?

In addition to eggs and cheese, it is best to avoid meals that contain bacon or sausage which may contain pork products.

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