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How to Peel & Cut An Avocado Easily

I was a bit surprised the other day when a friend who was watching me peel an avocado was amazed by how simple the process is. I guess it’s one of those simple acts I’ve taken for granted, but I know that my friend is probably not the only person in the dark so I figured I’d share.

Avocados, a funky green fruit that seems like it should be a vegetable, is incredibly versatile and can be used as a fat substitute just about anywhere.

Many recipes can be made from avocado, it is also very healthy, but first of all it is necessary to know how to cut avocado. So here you go, how to peel an avocado, broken into steps, so without any further delay lets jump directly to main section.


Follow these easy steps to know how to cut an Avocado :


Step 1:

Using a chef’s knife, cut your avocado along it’s longitude (remember from grade school, the “long” in longitude represents the “long” way around, in other words, from pole to pole, not the shorter distance around the middle).


Step 2:

Twist the two halves 90 degrees. You know, like opening a jar…

And so satisfying when it comes out right…

Look that, the two halves come right apart…


Step 3:

Unless you’re confident about your knife skills,
you might consider leaving the avocado on the counter for this step.

With a quick single chop motion, embed your chef’s knife into the pit (you won’t need to hit it too hard, the pit is pretty soft). If it doesn’t go in the right way the first time, no harm in pulling it out and chopping it again. Had a bad day? Feel free to cut into that pit as many times as you like.

Not quite as satisfying as the pop of a good cork…but almost!


Step 4:

Holding the avocado in your hand, turn your knife clockwise 90 degrees (ok, ok, go counter clockwise if that makes you feel better). The pit will pop right out.


Step 5:

It’s like the spoon was designed to scrape avocado…
Insert a nice big spoon into the space between the avocado and the bulbous end of the skin. Slide the spoon around under the skin and the avocado will pop right out. This will be a bit more messy than the picture if your avocado is very ripe.


Step 6:

Didn’t think you could do it, did you?
Bet yours is as nice as mine.
Use your lovely avocado as you wish!

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