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Cutest Animals That Can Become Your Pets Too!

Number 12 – Japanese Weasel

Japanese Weasel

Japanese weasels are found mostly in japan or more specifically in the islands of Honshū and Shikoku. They often reside close to the water in hilly or wooded settings. These little cute animals are usually very shy and lonely in nature.

Japanese Weasel grows about 20 to 40 cm and weighs around 150 to 460 grams with a life span of 2 to 8 years. They have orange-brown fur with darker head patterns. Typically, the throat’s fur is white in hue.

cute Japanese Weasel

Female weasels are usually smaller in size than males. They have relatively small legs, a large tail, a long torso, and keen claws. Both day and night are busy for Japanese weasels. They make their lair comfy with soft feathers or grasses and reside in dens in hollow logs and tree stumps.

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