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Cutest Animals That Can Become Your Pets Too!

Number 5 – Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrews, which are also known as sengis, are in various parts of South Africa. They are so named because of their unusually long, movable, trunk-like snout and pointed head. Elephant shrews range in size from 15- 30 centimeters in length to 29 to 60 grams in weight.

The majority of the elephant shrew’s fur is grey-brown and the area under their belly is usually white. It has nostrils at the end of a long, flexible snout. Elephant shrews run while holding their tails parallel to the ground. They have powerful, long back legs that are designed for leaping and sprinting quickly to avoid predators like snakes and eagles.

Elephant shrews are known as “jumping shrews” because of their ability to jump three feet in the air. You’ll be astonished to learn that Elephant shrew females menstruate just like human women.

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